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    A whole post and now I’m changing my mind and starting over! LOL

    It was an amazing year in hindsight. I never did reach any monetary goals, but grew in some wonderous ways, and this post is about acknowledgement where I can.

    • Got my website moved to a new host and terminated all affiliation with my big mistake of 2008, and with help cleared up the debt from that mistake too.
    • Found @500vip彩票下载appArtCareereDeva on Twitter and was introduced to her marvelous development programs for artists through
    • Developed a Business Plan. Not just any business plan but a “Right Brain Business Plan” from Coaching offered in conjunction with  smARTist®
    • During a desperate moment later in the year realized I had “people” after all and signed up for the smARTist® 2009 Telesummit. Great info and presenters, and hope to connect with some of them more in the future, and a 500vip彩票下载app Study Mentoring program, which is still in the works.
    • Found and have started reconnecting with an artist friend from the past, Susan Plum. Her website seems down, but she’s on Facebook.
    • Seemingly got over my writer’s block too.

    That’s the tangibles I feel good about, and here’s a few the intangibles I feel I’ve gained this past year.

    • Confidence.
    • Patience ~ One step at a time, with my art and with my web presence.
    • Lots of family time and love, as we all grow older, making the time more precious.
    • Reconnection with my sensitive, psychic self, honoring and using my intuition again. Oh, and found out psychic has been replaced with intuitive now.

    There’s more I know, but these are the ones that stand out and feel important to me as I look back over my last year. And now it’s time to move on into the rest of winter with the planning and development for 2010!

    January 3, 2010 | No comments

    First off, it’s been a year of crossing bridges and moving along, learning new things along with learning acceptance of one step at a time. There have been quite a few highs and a few lows along the way like tempting jewels of let it shine or dig a little deeper, but all in all 2009 feels pretty successful in hindsight, and that’s where I end the season of harvest.

    However, I still succumb to feelings of never catching up with all the push and pull out in the world of Do it Now, Never to Late, Don’t Wait, You’re Gonna Miss Out, especially with end of year bottom line at stake, to remind me how far behind I am. Add to that all of the political posturing blasting away between TV, online, and email commercials, making things seem like they’ll never change or improve. 

    But the truth is ~pushing the river never accomplishes anything, but a face full of water~ Think about it!

    So I’ve cuddled in for this first day of winter with the three Rs (rest, reflect, and restore), to let my roots absorb where I’ve been, where I’m at, and the many lessons and blessings that have been offered along the way, in order to get ready for new growth. And Wow what a day it’s been! If this is any indication of what’s ahead, then I’m in for a very effective winter

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    ! Maybe I’ll even overcome my core issue of trust, the one I have with humans ~ and that includes me!

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