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    Carvings from wonder. Art for spirit.
    Contact Me
    I've Been Asked:

    Hum…Why do I do what I do, and why do I use what I use in my work? Both good questions, but maybe not so easily answered as felt, so we’ll see…

    It’s the energy of the wood, the smell, the color, the feel and texture, and very often an entity calling me to bring it forth. I do it for healing and honoring the connection of all that is, in form and expression. An expression of oft overlooked possibilities, dreams, and magic forever surrounding us just waiting to be included into our lives.

    It's spirituality of nature connected through its roots deeply embedded in Mother earth on out to the tips of its branches reaching to Father sky. It's such a great symbol of spiritual connection in and of itself, but then add all the tales and lore of elemental beings who live in and around trees. I believe, and this is my way to honor that spirit, those spirits in due measure because they've always traveled with me in one form or another throughout my life. 

    Oh the smell of wood, so earthy and comforting, and the feel, sometimes soft and smooth and other times rough and dirty, but always forgiving and allowing. Results: a combination of both the tree and the elemental energy.

    But then I like things pretty. In my mind it's completing the picture, so I make them a bit glamorous to match the vision I see, sometimes purpose I feel. I dress them with bits of bling using more pieces of nature such as feathers and stones, once again because of the energies they impart, often metals like copper wire for conducting, plus glorious color for it’s vibration usually with beads, sometimes just pain, to complement and impart more essence, aura, and magic.

    Last it seems to be a part of me to express the contradictions of life, as in decaying wood against bling, expressing maybe how all things are possible with a little effort and vision. Life is a contradiction only in how we see it